MEA Elections
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2024 MEA ELEctionS

At the close of nominations on January 12, 2024, the following positions were uncontested. Per MEA’s Election and Voting Policy, these candidates are considered elected and have been certified by the Representative Council on January 23, 2024.

MEA President – Becky Roberts

MEA Vice President/Treasurer – Alicia Coragiulo

MEA Secondary (1) Rep (Grades 6-8) – Andrea Vancil

WEA-RA Delegates – Alicia Coragiulo, Nora Martin, Becky Roberts, Christie Ryba, and Gary Thompson

 The following were contested races and the results are:

MEA Secretary

Angee Markham

Elementary Representative Position 1 (Grades PreK-2)

Emily Smith

 NEA RA Delegates

  Misty Gruber

  Nora Martin